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Our goal at Bachelor Fitness is to take all of the health & fitness information out there, find out what's best for us, simplify, prioritize, and communicate in order to put it into action. Learn about each of our journeys and how they overlap. Know that we are still learning every day and aim to update and refine our content. Hopefully you can relate to our stories and join the Bfit team!


Our Journey


Alarm, coffee, car, meetings, eat, build, email, eat, work out, socialize, TV, sleep — A typical day in my post-college, white-collar world. In this world, my focus was on the career that occupies the majority of my day and pays the student loan bills. With my job in the forefront of my mind, it was natural to spend less time attending to my body, the machine I use to carry out my day. While on the backburner my body 

Wakeboard? Snowboard? “Yea, I’d love too, but only a couple of runs, I’m just not what I used to be.”

Achoo! Sniff, sniff. “No, I don’t have a cold, my nose is just runny and it’s probably just allergies. I’m getting over it…”

Coffee was fuel. One to three cups a day depending on the amount of alcohol I drank, pot I smoked, and sleep I had the night before. It was my motivation and hangover cure. I also looked for supplements to help my mental performance like nootropics (adderall is a bit harder to find these days). But I still couldn’t find the energy to pursue some of those awesome ideas I had. “Cloudy with a chance of forgetting,” was my mental forecast.

“Your back acne is something I wish I could change about you,” an ex told me. 

I wished I could change my gut and how it felt pushing against my belt when I sat down. “Skinny fat you are,” my inner Yoda told me. 

WTF, what is that burning in my chest? Why did I feel like I have to burp but can’t? I couldn’t sleep due to this acid reflux.

Am I okay with this life? Do I have the energy that I need to be successful? How do I reduce my food spending? Am I satisfied with my appearance? I wasn’t.

Now at 27, I can put in a full 12 hour day with no caffeine and still have enough energy for a vigorous workout. My focus and memory is easy and sharp. I’m spending 50% less on food, cooking faster than it takes to eat out, and I’m comfortable enough to cook for others. Lastly, my face and back are clear. My body is now an asset when courting the opposite sex, not a liability.

I choose to put health first before my work and social life. I saw the benefits immediately. A makeshift standing desk relieved shoulder pain and improved my posture. A switch from Chipotle to Panera salads and eventually to my own cooking saw my energy increase enough to ween myself off of caffeine. This further increased my energy and reduced my anxiety. A 30 day challenge with a friend jumpstarted my commitment to working out and setting a goal to do a triathlon made it stick. Sniffles, acne, and long nights of acid reflux quietly disappeared with a shift in the foods I started to eat.

This change wasn’t easy but it has been worth it. Countless hours of learning from professionals and reading peer-reviewed journal studies, not just bodybuilding.com. I threw money down the drain as I overbought groceries. I suffered through overcooked chicken and fish (restaurants make it look easy). I had to say no to parts of my social life and I had to become more efficient at work to allow for the shift in priorities.

I’m excited to introduce you to how I’ve made these changes in my life. We’re going to take it one step at a time. Focus on the most basic fundamentals first with the highest impact. If you never get past the first week, I will have told you the most important information we can. Hope to see you at the end.

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As an early twenty something, I started fresh in both a new city and my adult engineering career. My routine became happy-hour networking, daily lunches from Wendy’s, attending thirsty-Thursdays, Red’s games, and exploring the new Cincinnati craft beer scene all while figuring out what it means to be financially self-sufficient and live on my own. Everything considered, I put a lot of parts of my life on the backburner. 

It took a few big events and realizations for me to conclude that I had real problems. Hair? Gone. Positivity? Gone. Muscles? Gone. Sick? Often. Acne? Returned. Confidence? Dwindling. Work? Getting by. Friends? Not interested. And the list goes on. 

At this time I was undeniably going down the path of a bland, semi-middle class, unhappy, sports watching, beer drinking, dad-bodied bachelor settling for the next decent looking right swipe. 

I found a little motivation (I’m not that pathetic), purchased an LA Fitness membership, and visited the gym to lift glamour muscles once or twice a week ... with some month-long gaps of not going. I used to make fun of runners, but I started to run a couple miles here and there … only when it was between 65 and 75 degrees. I added some salads and carrots to my pizza, donut, and fettuccine alfredo filled diet. Back then these changes were neither easy nor desired, but I’d been told that exercise was key to physical fitness, so I focused on lifting weights. 

Fast forward a year or so, I didn't see much progress on fixing those problems. I had moved from Cincinnati to Southern California for work, was 25 years old, had increased my workout and running frequency, tinkered with my diet, and became more cognizant of my food intake. But was still not feeling 100% mentally and physically. Around this time I had some crazy gut and intestinal issues. To save you the detailed image I’ll list a few adjectives: high frequency, runny, running, and bloody. I’d worry about being in long work meetings, going out for the night, and heaven forbid going on a date. Talk about stress. 

This was my “rock bottom” for health. I had to figure out my gut — both my skinny-fat appearance and what was happening inside. From here I refocused my priorities. Up until then my career was priority one, social life priority two, and everything else on the backburner.

Priority one: health. Finally I leveraged my engineering, scientific, statistical, and detail oriented brain for my benefit. I jumped off the deep end into the world wide web. I read, researched, and strictly self-experimented EVERYTHING that was backed by real science and properly controlled studies. In a world where fake Facebook news can sway an election, you probably can guess this is a rabbit hole that can waste most peoples’ time only to conclude that gluten is the devil. No, gluten isn’t what Bachelor Fitness is out to destroy. Far from it. That said, through this research period (and continued learning) I’ve found what works for me. 

Now at 29 I’m back in the midwest and my mental/physical fitness has never been better. Previous problems? All resolved. I’m performing well in all aspects of my life: health, work, social. Notice the order. I know it’s getting recognition because I have many friends and family asking me what I’ve done or what they can do to change their bad health habits. Spoiler alert: it is different for everyone. What’s bad for me may be fine for you.

We all have different genes, environments, and behaviors. That is why our audience here is a bit narrow: bachelors. Young professionals that can relate to our journey, have similar interests, and similar health goals. 

Our goal is NOT to proselytize the latest diet or fitness trend. It is to give you a simple straightforward approach to the fundamentals of health. If you’ve never thought about exercise, if you’ve attempted paleo diet, or if you regularly compete in triathlons, Bachelor Fitness is a valuable resource enabling you to become a better version of you.


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Have you gone through a similar health transformation and want to share your story? Email us to be under the spotlight. We'd like to share what best works for every individual and pick out the commonalities to better ourselves as well. In the end, this is why we created this platform ... to share our personal journeys and learn to optimize our health and fitness in order to excel in today's exhaustive dating, work. and highly diseased world.