Howdy, I'm Jacob. I decided to co-create Bachelor.Fitness as a part of my own personal health journey. I'm still learning every day and as a aerospace engineer, I'm no expert in the diet/fitness arena. Although, I am good at digging through details, combing through large amounts of data, self-testing, and extracting the common beneficial information.

I'll not only share my personal experience and learnings, but share up-to-date health information in the most simple and clear way possible because the importance of a healthy mind & body has become crystal clear to me! 


Let's look back on my past diet, medical record, and fitness. It's amazing how the current state of my fitness and diet reflects this history.



I'll briefly explain by age range what my typical food and diet consisted of, whether it be based on flavor, desire, dumb choices, or self experimentation. Above are my mom's amazing sugar cookies ... the ultimate test to my ability to say no to sugar at age 29!

  • Age 0 - 2
    • Formula milk
    • Gerber baby food
    • Cheerios
  • Age 2 - 18
    • Jif peanut butter sandwich
    • Bologna sandwiches
    • Fast food ... any
    • Midwest/southern cooking: meat and potatoes
    • No vegetables, minimal fruits
    • My favorites: meat, cheese and bread
    • Deserts: ice cream, popcorn, cake, cookies
  • Age 19 - 22
    • All of the previous in age 2 - 18
    • Added salads ... with heavy ranch or cesar dressing
    • Beer, fast food, more beer, alcohol ... guys I ate Five Guys twice in one day a couple times
  • Age 23
    • Kept eating previous meals
    • Reduced fast food to 3 times a week
    • Switched to whole grains, organic breads
    • Added a few more vegetables and fruits
  • Age 24
    • Gluten free for 3 months ... strict
    • Replaced all grains with rice and corn
    • Drank wine every now and then
    • Note: Still ate sugars
  • Age 25
    • Paleolithic diet for 6 moths ... very strict
    • No legumes, dairy, or grains
  • Age 26 - 28
    • Smart eating ... high in vegetables, fruits and meat; low-er carbs
    • Fast food once every month
    • Drank beer and wine about every weekend ... come on I was in Los Angeles
  • Age 29 (present day)
    • Probiotics - VSL#3, kefir, kombucha
    • Vegetables - brussels sprout, broccoli, carrot, sweet potatoe, asperagas
    • Light fruits - raspberry, blueberry, banana, lemon, lime, orange, avocado
    • Apple cider vinegar 
    • Meats - grass fed beef, turkey, chicken, egg
    • Fish - ahi, yellowfin tuna, salomon
    • Dairy - kefir or whole milk plain yogurt
    • Spices - garlic, turmeric, cayanne pepper, cinnamon 
    • Nuts - almond, walnut
    • Legumes - pinto bean, chic pea, hummus, black bean
    • Oils - extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil


I wouldn't describe my medical history as "uncommon", but you'll see why I highlight the items below, as the medical community is finding out the significant role each affects an individual's gut microbiome.

  • Birth method
    • Born: via caesarean section (c-section)
  • Acne
    • I was put through around 5 different types of antibiotics over the course of my teens to early twenties both topical and oral. Most notable antibiotic was Accutane.
  • Allergic reactions
    • Hives from Amoxicillin
  • Family history diseases
    • Heart disease
    • Pancreatic cancer
    • Obesity
    • Adult on-set diabetes
    • Alcoholism


My level of physical activity has always directly correlated to my physical health, but also my internal health. Over the years I go in cycles with working out, playing sports, yoga, or training for a half marathon. I'll quickly walk you through my fitness past with a brief description of my body type at a height of 5'11". 

  • Age 0 - 18  (very active, skinny)
    • Sports
    • Swimming
    • Running around with friends
  • Age 19