What's in your smoothie?

Walking around the halls at work carrying a mason jar full of green sludge going from meeting to meeting always gets a few looks followed by one of two questions: Is that a can of paint?! What’s in it?!


Typically the first sarcastic question originates from someone that doesn’t value health. The second is normally someone intrigued and truly wants to know. I’m writing this post for both people. Here you go!

I don’t follow this exactly and don’t truly measure anything. My goal is to minimize fruit/sweets and maximize deep greens/veggies as much as possible without it tasting like cardboard. Also, too many fruits can add more sugar & carbs than I prefer. 

Feel free to use this as a good basis for your own smoothie and modify to your own liking. I rotate (real local) honey, kale, mango, ice, blueberries or other berries to change up the flavor profile from time to time! Let me know what you think. 

Ingredient List:

Bonus adds: 

Note: The brands of items in the photos aren’t constant. I’m always changing brands searching for a better/cheaper alternative. On the plus side, this keeps my gut on it’s toes.