The world for the typical guy is changing

Expectations on all levels are growing


Do you see this trend?

We do.


Do you find yourself stressing to keep up with the typical 10+ hour work days?

Does your dating life consist of 100’s of right swipes taking a toll on your confidence?

Will you inherit the poor health, diseases, pains, and/or cancers of your family?

Average US salaries have been stagnant for 50+ yearsharder to get ahead

68% of 18-29 men never married in 2014, compared to 55% in 2004harder to date

50% of Americans now have pre-diabetes or diabetesharder to understand health

Is there a way to overcome these trends?

Can today’s bachelor perform at work and the dating scene - all while fending off mental and physical health issues?


Be Stress Free

Develop Confidence


Simple steps to develop fundamental habits enabling you to build the confidence necessary to perform at your highest level while staying stress free.

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We've done the work

To compile and simplify the latest research trends into easy to follow fundamentals delivered over six weeks to help you build the habits necessary to achieve your goals.


Old method:

  • Sparse physical checkups

  • Trend & headline diets

  • Biased USDA / FDA guidelines

  • Arnold workout mentality

  • Too much contrasting info

  • Complex reports



OUR method:

  • 6 weeks of training

  • Prioritized fundamental health actions

  • Latest research simplified

  • Real-life examples


All tailored for Bachelors



Adopting our methods WILl yieLd:

  • Lower stress and anxiety levels

  • Increase focus and memory by 20%

  • Reduce acne and skin imperfections by 50%

  • Build muscle quickly while staying lean

  • Decrease cardiovascular and cancer risks

  • Awareness of potential genetic issues



No longer dependent on caffeine

Reduced body fat from 20% to 12% in 8mo while building muscle

Reduced meal budget by 50%

Reduced sick days at work

Trained and completed 2 Olympic distance triathlons

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Reversed all leaky-gut & inflammatory bowel symptoms

Maintained 40lb weight loss since 2012

Increased muscle mass & reduced body fat by >15%

Promoted 2 times in 2 years

Reduced family diabetes/heart disease risk

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